Advanced Pricing

Pay as you go

Advanced pricing charges you directly for resources used.

When you sign up for an account, you buy $10 in credits. Those credits pay for any charges you incur, and if you run out you can automatically or manually buy more.

Why would I want this?

In most cases it's cheaper than simple pricing. Also, if you're using an unusually large amount of resources, you may be required to switch to advanced mode.

Why would I not want this?

It's more complicated than simple pricing. You might end up paying a more variable amount than expected.

Check your billing page to get an idea of how much simple versus advanced pricing costs you.

Pricing calculator

This is a simple calculator to show you how advanced pricing works. The grayed out values are reasonable defaults for usage based on storage and period.

I want to store GB of uncompressed mail (about GB compressed) per year.

I will receive emails totaling GB, send emails to other people totalling GB, and have a email address.

This will cost: per year

Or: $ for storage, $ in account fees, $ for received email, $ for received email bandwidth (GB), $ for sent emails, $ for sent email bandwidth (GB), and $ in username fees.

Exact fees

Below are our current fees. These will likely change as we adjust pricing to more accurately track resource use.

By the way, all of these charges are pro-rated! For example, if we list a price per 1000, and you only use 1, it'll only cost 1/1000th of what we listed. This applies to gigabytes and years too; those pro-rate to the byte and second, respectively.

Storage: $0.56 per compressed GB per year

Applies to all mail and search indexes.

Email receipt: $0.03 per 1000 plus $0.04 per GB

Emails sent: $0.23 (if sent externally) or $0.03 (if sent within the same account) per 1000 plus $0.18 per GB

Note that the external per-email charge is expensive to deter abuse of this service to send spam or marketing emails and to represent the cost of reputational upkeep. Note also that rate limiting applies to large numbers of externally sent emails.

Yearly account fee: $4.00 per year

This fee is expected to cover development, maintenance, non-user specific support, and other resource usages not currently tracked, such as webmail use.

Usernames on shared domains:

There is no extra charge for users on domains you own.

Custom domains: There is no additional charge for using a custom domain.